i call myself cassandra in my head (shinygobonkers) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Which of these other prominent figures would you allow to couch surf with you for a couple of days?

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Nelson Mandela
29 (22.1%)
Nancy Reagan
11 (8.4%)
Rev. Al Sharpton
6 (4.6%)
Thich Nat Hahn
7 (5.3%)
Sinn Fien leader Gerry Adams
3 (2.3%)
Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church
6 (4.6%)
Movie maker Michael Moore
19 (14.5%)
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
11 (8.4%)
Gloria Steinem, feminist activist
23 (17.6%)
None of the people gets in my house
16 (12.2%)
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