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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2013|10:43 pm]


What can I do to make jaw joint pain better?

I fell asleep in a wooden rocking chair a couple of weeks ago and it's been fairly middling pain but the past couple of days it's gotten so bad I can't fully open my mouth and chewing solid food is HELL. It's just the left side, but any kind of movement hurts.

Going to the doctor is unfortunately not an option as I don't have a regular one and I'm already 40,000 or so in debt because of two previous ER visits that required me to be hospitalized, so I could go but wouldn't be able to pay for any meds they might subscribe to me and that would add on more to the debt.

But on the upside, I had mashed potatoes for dinner and pudding for dessert. Any soft food reccomendations besides the run of the mill soups?

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