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The Gay Agenda

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Some conservatives fear a gay agenda recruiting kids into the lifestyle, which they believe is a choice. What do you feel are tactics for this gay recruitment?

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Bursting out of bushes and behind telephone poles, splashing the kids with glitter. Soon, glitter will be expected and they'll adopt a lifestyle where glitter is commonplace
13 (11.5%)
Passing out Skittles, which is all about the rainbow
11 (9.7%)
Explain how 'scissoring' burns off more calories than running and aerobics. All you need is a partner
4 (3.5%)
Giving little boys Barbies and little girls toy tool sets
10 (8.8%)
Free tickets to the WNBA
2 (1.8%)
Explain how semen is full of protein, and protein builds muscles, and therefore, if girls have hetero sex, they'll end up looking like wrestler Chyna
5 (4.4%)
Explain to boys that you are what you eat, and if you eat out a girl, you become a girl, but going down on men makes you more macho
7 (6.2%)
Invitation to play strip leapfrog. First article of clothing removed: pants
5 (4.4%)
Free pink cell phone covers for the boys
7 (6.2%)
Point out how the kids' fashion is so embarrassing, and how only gay people know how to dress properly
8 (7.1%)
Show young boys a very convincing tranny, then tell them that all women are secretly men in disguise, so you might as well start dating guys
6 (5.3%)
Play spin the bottle with the kids. One hot girl and 5 boys, or one hot guy and 5 girls. Odds are, there will be a lot of same gender kissing
8 (7.1%)
The best way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid hetero sex. It only leads to babies. Like, every time!
10 (8.8%)
Hitler was hetero. So was Voldemort and Darth Vader. And Satan is definitely into girls. Straightness only leads to evil
10 (8.8%)
Teach the boys, instead of playing Star Wars or Avengers, reenact scenes from Brokeback Mountain
7 (6.2%)
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