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build the perfect salad(s) [Jan. 19th, 2013|11:44 am]


I'm really wanting to lose some weight and nothing I was trying last year was maintainable for me. I know the biggest part of the battle is my state of mind. But I thought something that would be easy is salads. I've already cut out sodas, fast food and fried foods but am not noticing a difference yet (my boyfriend has lost around 6 lbs already...damn men!!)

So if you had to eat salads straight for at least a week (not just lettuce-based) what would you choose? Bonus points for inexpense.

And what would you eat for breakfast? I'm not sure if I want to do fruit salads, blts and a piece of fruit or what. I'm not an egg fan so that's not great for me for breakfast.

And extra bonus points if some ingredients are workable into non-salad diets for my boyfriend. I'm thinking lots of grilled chicken.


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