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mostly ranting [Jan. 18th, 2013|07:47 pm]


I posted this back at the beginning of November: my future sister in law adopted two kittens, and then when they got sick a week later instead of taking them to the vet and getting medicine she took them back to the humane society and traded them in for two healthy kittens.
does this sound absurdly evil to anyone else? i feel like i want to scream in this girl's face when i see her next :/

this week she gave THOSE poor kitties away to someone from craigslist, and the day after adopted a dog. she already has a dog, but most significantly she has an 11-month old baby! she said she got the dog because she was looking at pictures of her baby from when she was a newborn and it made her sad new that her baby wasn't that little anymore.

is it just me or does she have fucking problems?? i am so angry right now about this! validate me internet >:(

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