blueskinjob (blueskinjob) wrote in thequestionclub,

Need Advice From TQCers!

So I just got invited by my ex-boss to a really awesome event next week.  I want to go because the event (inauguration-related, but not the official inaugural ball) looks really fun and it may be a great place to make some connections (since I'm looking for a permanent job right now).  The problem is, I'm about 80% sure he likes me romantically and I definitely do not feel that way about him.  I'm afraid if I agree to be his plus-one that he'll take it as a more-than-friends gesture on my part and make a move, which I really don't want to happen because I want to remain on good terms with him because I like him as a person and also want to be able to use him for a job reference.  What should I do????  It seems like it would be really awkward and presumptuous to tell him up-front that I only want to go as friends but I'd be worried the entire night that he was planning to make a move on me if I didn't say anything.  But I don't want to not go either!
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