kilgorextrout (kilgorextrout) wrote in thequestionclub,

Boring LJ Link Redirect Question

Follow up question to one I posted the other day: I have been a member of an lj community for years (_survivors_)...I thought it was taken down, but I was wrong. It is still up. However, as of last week, it doesn't come up in my feed, and when I try to click on it from my list of communities I belong to, I am rerouted to a Russian-language community called "thecommunity". Very strange. Google brings up a few instances of this happening (edit: to other comms) in 2011 it seems, but no solutions that I can find. I contacted the mods by email, and they had no idea why I thought the community went defunct. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I have some sort of LJ virus? Ideas?
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