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which order should it be done in?

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brush your teeth, then floss
52 (42.3%)
floss your teeth, then brush
71 (57.7%)

do you share a toothbrush with your significant other?

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yes, always
0 (0.0%)
yes, if either of us are without our own
28 (21.7%)
yes, but i thought it was gross
2 (1.6%)
no, they used it and i threw it away afterward
3 (2.3%)
no, but i would
23 (17.8%)
no, that's gross
73 (56.6%)

do you share razors with your significant other

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yes, always
4 (3.2%)
yes, if one of us is without one then it's no big deal
36 (28.8%)
yes, but i thought it was gross
2 (1.6%)
no, but i would
41 (32.8%)
no, that's unsanitary and/or gross
42 (33.6%)
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