restlessme (restlessme) wrote in thequestionclub,


Has anyone heard of urticaria, specifically cold urticaria?
Do you have it?

Apparently I do, so when I'm cold I begin to break out in th lovelies of hives that tend to cover my entire body. They itch, they're red and they burn like holy crap. They also last for about 30-40 minutes depending on where I am.

The good part? I live in Michigan and break out in hives if I even run to the mailbox.

So how exactly should I cover up more/prepare for the cold better? I just purchased a half-face mask off of amazon because I could not bring myself to rock a ski mask on a college campus.

Teach me how to use Adobe Indesign and blow my classmates away?
What's for breakfast this morning?
How's your day looking so far?
HOW do you organize yourself for college? (notes, homework, books, studying, etc)
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