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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2013|11:59 am]


Rant ahead:

Why do people complain when a TV show (especially one that focuses on females it seems) doesn't include people of color?? I'm a fucking black woman and I'm asking this. I'm so tired of people whining about how Girls or Bunheads or whatever other female-centric show doesn't showcase the experiences of POC or LGBT people. I just don't feel like it's someone's responsibility to showcase a particular point of view just because that point of view happens to be rare. If Lena Dunham wants to write about nothing but white girls, then so what? I'm curious as to how many people that are complaining are screenwriters or TV show producers themselves and/or actively supporting or promoting TV shows that include diverse casts.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm so annoyed by this. I think it's embarrassing to ask white people or straight people or whoever to showcase "othered" groups, especially when there's so many avenues to create your own content or support people whose content you like.

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