like a magic penny (lost_garnet) wrote in thequestionclub,
like a magic penny

What's going on the table this festive season?

What's your menu plan?

I'm doing a small Christmas this year, so I don't want to do too much, and have to be able to distribute any leftovers effectively into different dishes, so I've decided on a small roast ham, and some sort of brussel-sprout-based dish. Also have some carrots I ought to use up, so I can steam them alongside the sprouts.

Now I'm just trying to decide how to do the potatoes--I want something creamy and decadent (this being once a year and all,) so, scalloped/au gratin, or hashbrown casserole/Shwartzie's style?

Also I've just found my mother's recipe for hot buttered rum and Dad's already given me a bottle of Captain Morgan the size of my head, so it'll be a very, very merry one.


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