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Wednesday Morning Question

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Which of these things would you have a serious problem with if your roommate partook in?

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Was apart of a religious group that constantly tried to recruit people to their denomination
60 (7.4%)
Drank out of the milk jug
39 (4.8%)
Never put the new toilet roll on
18 (2.2%)
Put wet dirty rags in with the clean rags
63 (7.8%)
Loud religious chanting in the mornings and evenings (no participation required of you)
58 (7.1%)
Animal sacrifices (religious)
86 (10.6%)
Animal sacrifices (non-religious)
85 (10.5%)
Seemed to think the common room was a fine place for their thousands of nicknacks
31 (3.8%)
Wanted everyone to pray before eatting
59 (7.3%)
Insisted everyone eat a meal together
38 (4.7%)
Refused to learn to drive but constantly asked you for rides (pay for gas)
55 (6.8%)
Wanted to keep chickens in their room
71 (8.7%)
Gave loads of unsolicited advice to everyone
32 (3.9%)
Would not lift a finger to do anything that wasn't agreed to at least a week in advance
63 (7.8%)
Cooked very bad smelling food daily
54 (6.7%)

Are any of the actions above something you would consider asking them to leave over?

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No, I'm really easy going
7 (8.9%)
Yes, maybe I'll explain in the comments
72 (91.1%)
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