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You just met someone an hour ago, and now circumstances require you to make a snap decision about whether this is someone you can trust, potentially with your life. Which of these bits of info, if they had mentioned in the last hour, would make you inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt?

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Has three young children
33 (11.5%)
Has a PhD
33 (11.5%)
Goes to church every week
13 (4.5%)
Works at a bank
6 (2.1%)
Went to the same high school as you
8 (2.8%)
Is a veteran
22 (7.6%)
Works as a nanny
16 (5.6%)
Shares your political views
32 (11.1%)
Hikes a lot - wilderness enthusiast
24 (8.3%)
Avid hunter, all kinds of game
12 (4.2%)
Works in the same field as you do/did
18 (6.2%)
Listens to NPR every day
17 (5.9%)
Works at the ACLU
14 (4.9%)
Spent three years at a buddhist monestary
33 (11.5%)
Very financially well off, employs a butler
7 (2.4%)

Which of these bits of info would make you inclined to distrust them?

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Retired police officer
8 (2.2%)
Never finished high school
22 (6.0%)
Divorced, has no custody or visitation of child
45 (12.4%)
Goes to church mutliple times a week
27 (7.4%)
Works in the government
19 (5.2%)
Avid Ska music enthusiast
7 (1.9%)
Is a stoner
30 (8.2%)
Is ten years younger than you
27 (7.4%)
Is a high paid lawyer
24 (6.6%)
Has multiple medical issues that they describe to you in detail
30 (8.2%)
Recently finished court-mandated community service
37 (10.2%)
Has bad credit
22 (6.0%)
Works for the government
15 (4.1%)
Has six dogs
10 (2.7%)
Supported a political candidate you dislike strongly
41 (11.3%)
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