Ameliorate (ameliorate) wrote in thequestionclub,

Nearly the end of the Semester...

Have you ever had snarky, blunt, no-nonsense, highly organized, no-excuses instructors? 
How did you feel about their teaching style/them personally?

I've had a number of these professors and I can't say I've ever not liked them. (Although, if I had one that was all of these things and not organized I'd probably hate them.) When I was a kid I thought it was just because I was a good student and didn't typically get shit from my teachers; however, as I grew up and faced a few of their sarcastic comments, I found I still liked them. I appreciate their intelligence, diligence, and the fact that they hold their students responsible. 

Still, I felt bad for a few of the students in my political science class. We have a critical book review due at the end of the semester and a few people were asking for an extension because the book was hard for them to understand. The teacher said, "No. It's a college level course and imagine that... a college level book. Who would have guessed you might be expected to read at the grade level you're in?" While I agreed with him, it seemed a bit harsh. On the other hand, most of them are people are in their freshman year and should be aware that procrastinating on a 300 page book isn't a good idea.
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