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candles and girl crushes. [Dec. 11th, 2012|01:06 am]


so basically, christmas is always a little hard for me since i've been away from home (at uni) for the last three years. one silly ridiculous way to combat homesickness is ...candles! i know, it's odd but my mom burns tons of them and they remind me of her.

does anyone have any recommendations of brands or scents of candles they like? i'm currently thinking of trying red velvet from yankee candle! i'm quite keen on vanilla or food scents (strawberry, cinammon, the bread candle from b+bw) and am generally more sensitive to and stay away from strong floral scents (jasmine, lavendar, rose).

DC about candles: girls, do you have a celebrity girl crush? what makes them your crush? same goes for guys! mine are definitely kaya scodelario and emma stone. emma stone obviously has a perfect personality and kaya scodelario is an absolute natural classic beauty! :)

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