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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2012|02:05 pm]


what would you charge per hour for babysitting 3 kids? 1 is 7, and two 5 year old twins. hypothetically speaking, minimum wage is $7.40 in your state, if that factors into your math.

(Also this is verbatim the email the dad sent me, lol: " to talk to u. Im s single divorced dad of 3. . I could use some extra help on sat. How.much.per hour n when can we talk about this.really need the helo n your close
Sent from my Kyocera Hydro")

Update: his second email, in response to me suggesting we talk on the phone instead: "My son is 7 my twin girls are goibg to b 6 in april lets talk. Im better at e msil n text tell abit about u"


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