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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2012|01:11 am]


Let's say that you live in the basement of a very large house, in a really nice neighberhood with your mom, who lives on the top floor (3 floors total).  The basement gives you a private entrance (altho you don't use it that much), a mini fridge, microwave, dishwasher (basically a mini kitchen). You also have two bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms, 3000 sq feet....

You are planning on getting married next year.  A lot of people are talking shit to you for not planning on moving out until after you finish your studies (law school).  Your mom is letting you and your fiance live there rent and utility free until you finish school and get your business in order.

Would you feel bad about yourself?  

Both you and your fiance work full time and are planning on going to school full time as well.  

Should a married couple move out no matter what or take advantage of an awesome situation and pay off debt/save up/not take out as many student loans?

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