i call myself cassandra in my head (shinygobonkers) wrote in thequestionclub,
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You wake up completly covered/soaked in blood and no memory of how that happened. What would be the FIRST thought to go through your head?

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Fear that I am seriously injured
55 (59.8%)
Fear that I murdered someone
11 (12.0%)
Fear that this is going to lead to HIV infection
3 (3.3%)
Pure mindless disgust
3 (3.3%)
Amusement - this must be some kind of prank!
0 (0.0%)
Apathy - back to sleep you go
0 (0.0%)
Paranoia that someone is about to frame me for a crime
2 (2.2%)
Fear that I am going insane and hallucinating
9 (9.8%)
Fear that I have pissed of the mob and this is a threat
0 (0.0%)
Other (explain)
9 (9.8%)
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