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disconnect from the Playstation Network remotely? [Dec. 7th, 2012|09:41 pm]


hi tqc friends,
when I moved in with my fiance, we each brought a PS3. he sold his to an old friend and we combined our data on mine. it's been a few months and we're slowly discovering that should have wiped it clean. she was watching Netflix via his account and we weren't comfortable with this, so we changed the password. we haven't seen anything weird on the 'recently watched' list so we're assuming she's unable to get back in.

just now we were both playing Borderlands 2 on my account when it said he logged in. with him sitting right next to me, it's likely that it's this girl. this is the first time we've seen her online on his Playstation Network account. we are both pretty irritated at this and uncomfortable that she has access to an account tied to his credit card.

what's the easiest way to kick her off? if he changes his password from this PS3, will it prompt her to enter a password on her PS3?

any advice at all would be appreciated! thank you!

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