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[Dec. 7th, 2012|01:47 pm]
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Ok I am graduating in law and accounting soon but I am applying for reception/admin positions to improve my changes of finding a job.

The question is how should I respond if employers ask me why I am not pursuing to be a lawyer?

Should I just tell them the truth that I don't really want to be a lawyer anymore because lawyering jobs are really stressful and involves working long hours like 50 hours+ a week which I cannot handle. (I have multiple invisible disabilities). And finding a law job to apply for right now is extremely hard. For every 20 admin/reception positions there is only one law job available to apply for.

[User Picture]From: judaskiss
2012-12-07 03:59 am (UTC)


I would probably not mention the law degree if it is not pertinent to the job. I would rather avoid having to "explain" anything to them.
[User Picture]From: charlie333
2012-12-07 04:15 am (UTC)


Yeah but then I would have a huge gap in my résumé which would be even harder to explain. Dunno
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: charlie333
2012-12-07 04:17 am (UTC)


It's hard to think of a good way to explain why. .
[User Picture]From: x_quotethis_x
2012-12-07 04:23 am (UTC)


I would say that based on your experience/research, becoming a lawyer doesn't offer the work/life balance that you want right now.
[User Picture]From: piperki
2012-12-07 04:33 am (UTC)


Even that might sound hinky to an HR person. They like to think their new hires have no personal life or issues.

I would recommend that OP say "I did want to complete my law degree, but have decided not to immediately pursue a career in law. I would like to explore other opportunities and gain experience in a different field." This says OP is dedicated enough to finish a task that they might not have enjoyed (good) and smart/decisive enough not to keep doing something they don't like (also good).
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: piperki
2012-12-07 12:03 pm (UTC)


and gain experience in a different field implies "I'm staying here, maybe not for 20 years but for more than 1." In an office, a few months does not constitute real experience.

I never promised my current employer I'd stay forever. I said I was looking for a new environment, new experience etc. I've been there almost 5 years now.
[User Picture]From: ptc555
2012-12-07 05:16 am (UTC)


You could always say something like you prefer admin work because you find it more enjoyable than law and feel like you are a better fit for admin positions than law. Or that your skills are stronger when it comes to admin. I guess that only works if you have previous admin experience.
[User Picture]From: sblmnldrknss
2012-12-07 05:42 am (UTC)


I'd just say you want to pursue another career direction.
[User Picture]From: bad_lcuk
2012-12-07 04:20 pm (UTC)


Id still keep applying for law jobs (if you do want to work in the field and its just sparse) but Id honestly just say that while you love the degree and education your recieved, your career interest doesnt follow that path.

I feel like with that degree though, no matter what you say its going to be pretty loaded, and any small inkling of something off will throw interviewers (ie; you say you dont want stress, dont want the work load, dont like the hours, etc).