Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sleigh bells ring... are you reading?... I've got questions... blogging in a winter wonderland...

Do you like Christmas music? Can you recommend any good compilations or albums? I was born in 1980 and like the music from that time and earlier, but not the poppish stuff you hear so much nowadays, nor the shitty covers and remixes of classics. I like Celtic stuff and would be interested in that, but am more interested in 'average/normal' carols; songs with lyrics (the better to psych myself up while I decorate and bake or just snuggle up with some hot cocoa on a rainy day). I like religious Christmas music, but also just Christmas holiday-themed music in general. I always have the darndest time googling decent Christmas music. I'm looking for some good tunes to get me in the holiday spirit. Suggestions? Links?

Board gamers-- Would you like 7 Wonders for Christmas? Would you rather get a game you specifically want or a new one you've never played, but that the giver thinks you'd absolutely love (you're both gamers and they know you well).

I know most folk here are not fans of food questions, but I'm here anyway, so here goes. I have a serious addiction to the flan at one of the taquerias around here, which developed following recent oral surgery followed by a soft diet (any excuse for flan-- more root canals please!). The problem is, it's pretty expensive and they don't always have it, also that I feel like an idiot going in just for flan all the time. I found some at another taqueria and although it looked the same, and tasted similarly, it was overooked (very eqqy, like quiche, instead of smooth and dense as flan should be). I'm pretty sure the first place just- cooks one flan in a large glass baking dish while the other place uses ramekins Anyway...any good flan recipes and tips for making the perfect flan?

dk/dc/tl;dr--- Do you have any fun holiday undies you like you break out this time of year?
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