meow (feeeny) wrote in thequestionclub,

It was my birthday not too long ago and my girlfriend's father, who owns a local bar, let us have the party there. He ended up picking up the tab for all the food (there were 20+ people) and it was an extremely nice gesture.

Here comes the question... I've been with my girlfriend for about a year now and she's very close with my parents. They hug and have conversations and she's become part of our family. On the other hand, I'm not very close with her parents. Not because I haven't tried, it's just not their style. They're also going through a divorce and neither one of them is around a lot, and we spend a lot of time at my apartment since I live alone... so while I've had small talk with her dad a couple of times in passing, we haven't really established any kind of relationship. Our families are very different.. my parents like to have home cooked dinners, give hugs, say I love you, etc. Hers are a lot more reserved and quiet.

I want to give him a thank-you card. Should I address him as Mr. ____ or by his name? Should I mail it or give it to him in person? I'm worried it will be awkward because we don't know each other well at all, but Idk.. Maybe I'm just being a pussy. What do you think?

Any general advice about getting to know your s/o's parents? Since we're not a hetero couple, this is the first time I've "met the parents." My previous relationships have had to be kept on the down low.

dk/dc: what's the coolest gift you've ever received?
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