Tamara (tamaracat) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have some travel related questions for you, TQC.

1. Would you rather fly direct on a 7.5 hour redeye OR save 40% to fly one 6.5 hour redeye plus 2 hour layover plus another 1.5 hour flight in the morning? (e.g. East Coast USA to Italy) edited to add "save 40%"

2. Would you rather take off work and fly on a less expensive flight on Friday OR work on Friday but fly on a more expensive flight on Saturday thus negating what you made at work on Friday? 

3. Would you cut your two week trip short by a full day if it meant saving 40% on the flight? What about cutting it short by two days for the savings?

4. What's the worst travel experience you have ever had?
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