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[Nov. 24th, 2012|09:14 am]
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Why did Sock'em Boppers change their name to SockerBoppers?
The Wiki page mentions the name change but not why :(

[User Picture]From: salamandertoast
2012-11-24 03:22 pm (UTC)


omg what a great wiki article though

"Television advertisements for the product featured a jingle offering the boast that they were 'More fun than a pillowfight'. No documentation was ever offered outlining any data on the relative entertainment levels of Sock'em Boppers and of pillowfights, and the claim made in the advertising material has never been considered particularly valid from any empirical point of view."
[User Picture]From: iguanasdefuego
2012-11-24 04:29 pm (UTC)


Yes,I did enjoy that part a LOT! ha ha
[User Picture]From: technocratic
2012-11-24 03:58 pm (UTC)


Realizing that I was the target demographic at the time this ad aired makes me feel old.

Edit: I thought this was from the early 90s. The realization that this is from the late 90s makes me feel even older. Heh.

Edited at 2012-11-24 04:04 pm (UTC)
[User Picture]From: iguanasdefuego
2012-11-24 04:29 pm (UTC)


If if makes you feel better, the original target audience was children of the 70s.
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: iguanasdefuego
2012-11-24 04:30 pm (UTC)


Then SOMEONE is playing soccer incorrectly.
Also, if you weren't using Sock'em boppers to punch your brother in the face, you were not playing correctly.
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: tickledpink_
2012-11-24 07:18 pm (UTC)


This is my thought as well, or something else along the lines of brand distinction.
[User Picture]From: eveofrevolution
2012-11-24 05:11 pm (UTC)


My guess is that "sock'em" basically means "sock them/him," which could be seen as promoting violence in children. Which, whatever...the kids are hitting each other with big ass things on their hands so changing the name doesn't change the level of violence, but people are weird when it comes to the names things can have.

Although, "socker" if you add the apostrophe like in "sock'em" sounds like "sock her," so maybe my theory is wrong. Or maybe they didn't think that through.
[User Picture]From: drowningmermaid
2012-11-25 02:28 am (UTC)


Since someone already mentioned the name association with Rock'em Sock'em Robots, I'm going to say it's because they wanted to encourage equality in regard to domestic abuse. Don't just sock HIM, sock HER too. Sock'er. Ya know? No? Phhhht. Whatever then.