Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

non-committed long distance relationship

I was dating someone for 2 months recently from Australia and I just moved back to America for a year at least to take a commited job. It was the best relationship i've ever been in and we were crazy about each other, but because of the distance, we decided not to stay committed/monogomous and just keep in touch and see how it goes (in a year we'll both be free from jobs and school and so we viewed it as light at the end of the tunnel). I want to talk to him way more than we are doing, even though we've skyped 2 times. I send him little fb messages when he's online sometimes and he doesn't reply to them, but I guess he just doesn't see them or figures he'll reply later. Because it's night time for me when it's the afternoon for him, I'm always the one who has the urge to Skype him. I want him to talk more, but this may be because I just left him 4 days ago and still really miss him/it hurts. 

Should I have a serious conversation about it or just wait until the pain gets better and ease up? My life will get busier in a few days when I start my job, so I wont feel the need to talk to him as much, but right now, I feel a little crazy.

Has anyone had this complicated, non-committed long distance sort of relationship thing? How did you handle it?
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