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Black Friday Recommendations! [Nov. 23rd, 2012|11:16 pm]
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So! I know we've had a 'what awesome deals did you snag' post already, but! In the interests of ALL THE SAVINGS, what Black Friday/Cyber Monday/weekend deals would you recommend?

The ones I stumbled across were Hasbrotoyshop's free shipping deal, Amazon's lists of awesome price cuts, and Steam and Origin's sales. Steam is constantly adding ridiculous percentages off and Origin has some kickass Sims deals.

ETA because I hit post too soon, alternatively, what Black Friday deals were you looking for? Maybe someone here can point you towards something awesome you didn't see!

[User Picture]From: nightmer
2012-11-24 04:47 am (UTC)


I'm still looking to add to my makeup collection, if anyone has any sales recommendations for this weekend/cyber monday they would be quite appreciated!
[User Picture]From: induced_panic
2012-11-24 05:06 am (UTC)


There's a huge list at this site:

It's mostly higher end stuff, but hopefully you can find something you like!
[User Picture]From: nightmer
2012-11-24 07:57 am (UTC)


Awesome, thank you!
[User Picture]From: induced_panic
2012-11-24 08:17 am (UTC)


You're welcome :)
[User Picture]From: bellapalmera
2012-11-24 03:03 pm (UTC)


Someone here was saying that Ulta had sales yesterday but idk if those extend throughout the weekend or not.
[User Picture]From: totheleft
2012-11-24 05:00 am (UTC)


I bought $280 worth of frames and ornaments at Michael's for $80 today.
[User Picture]From: jadorelefromage
2012-11-24 05:27 am (UTC)


I am still looking for a good netbook for around $200.
[User Picture]From: verygwen
2012-11-24 07:00 pm (UTC)

(Link) is having a 20% off everything sale. They're awesome :D
[User Picture]From: fuzzieduckie
2012-11-24 07:12 pm (UTC)


I'm looking for laptop deal, ideal on a Dell