Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

hey tqc! remember my old post about how i was billed $600++ for my phone bill this month? well since the phone operators were of no help, i decided to try and track my data usage on my iphone and see if it matches up with the one on my bill.

so on my bill, my data usage for today was 17mb+. on my iphone, it says that my sent data is 4mb and my received is 26mb, does that match up?? i get a daily update on how much data ive spent that day, but how do i check this with whats on my phone?

eta: tbh at this point im starting to believe that even me going in store to talk to someone personally isnt gonna help (and neither is me filing a complaint to the ombudsman), since my only argument is that "i SWEAR i didnt use that much data." so... whats the worst thing that could happen if i just refuse to pay? i have 4 mths left in my contract. :x
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