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[Nov. 19th, 2012|01:00 am]
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Do you paint as a hobby? What made you start and have you gained more skill as time went on? What are some basic supplies essential for a beginner? Any advice for a beginner?

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[User Picture]From: kill_inhibition
2012-11-19 09:23 am (UTC)


Yes. I've always enjoyed drawing and painting.
What kind of painting are you looking to get into? Watercolors and india ink are my favourite combo!
[User Picture]From: mikehz
2012-11-19 03:00 pm (UTC)


I can't paint. I write as a hobby, but wish I'd taken up painting. At least with painting, when you finish something you can hang it on the wall.
From: twelvehandshigh
2012-11-19 03:43 pm (UTC)


An artist boyfriend got me started
It depends what you want to paint. I favor acrylics for everyday stuff. I've never worked with watercolors. Oils are super expensive and a pain to dry.
If you think you suck, keep going. Your eyes are better than your hands. You can train your hands.
[User Picture]From: mr_sadhead
2012-11-19 03:43 pm (UTC)


Get one of those selections of paint from the art store and some canvasses and dig in. Don't worry about making a mess or wasting supplies. Make note of what works for you, and if you run low of one of the colors get more of it.

Also, take a class! You might reach the point, which is where I am now, where your vision outstrips your ability, and you might stall.