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Poll about eating things that possibly may not be good for you

Poll #1879244
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 81

You're eating a delicious slice of pizza. But, while reaching for a napkin, you fumble it and it falls on the floor. Which of these surfaces would you apply the five second rule and retrieve the pizza, clean it off, and finish eating it?

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30 (16.8%)
8 (4.5%)
Convenience store floor
4 (2.2%)
Supermarket floor
3 (1.7%)
Movie theater floor
3 (1.7%)
Kitchen sink
22 (12.3%)
Pet, who was sleeping on the floor
14 (7.8%)
Dirty socks, which were lying on the floor
13 (7.3%)
Playground sandlot
2 (1.1%)
Filled bathtub (pizza is now wet)
4 (2.2%)
Bar floor
3 (1.7%)
Toilet seat cover (lid is closed)
13 (7.3%)
Your own naked crotch (for some reason, you're eating pizza naked)
45 (25.1%)
Floor right below the seat at a professional football game
3 (1.7%)
I don't believe in the five second rule. I'd never eat anything off the floor.
12 (6.7%)

Hostess may be closing its doors for good. The maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Suzie Qs and other nutrient-free but yummy pastry thingies may call it quits. If so, what will you do?

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Be pleased. That stuff is terrible and the sooner they go, the better
5 (6.3%)
Indifferent. I didn't eat their stuff, so it won't make a lick of difference now that I can never again eat their stuff
48 (60.8%)
I'll be sad. Twinkies are a staple of American junk food
16 (20.3%)
Racing to the stores to hoard Hostess Cupcakes or other products. They last for a long time, right?
5 (6.3%)
5 (6.3%)

Edit: For the first question, anything you don't check it's assumed that if the pizza fell on that surface, you'd throw it away instead of eating it
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