belle_m (belle_m) wrote in thequestionclub,

Oh, fuuuu....

Dear technology savvy people,

I have a Facebook account, like so many of you do. 99.9% of my Facebook friends are my real-life friends, and they're very well acquainted with the ~*real*~ me: the me that isn't afraid to drop F-bombs regularly, bash religious zealots, vehemently promote abortion and gay rights and so on. A lot of my Facebook posts contain some things that would probably not be cool to older family members, which is fine because I've kept everything Friends Only.


When my beloved in-laws made Facebook accounts and added me as their friend. Shock. Horror. Panic. I accepted their requests but quickly added them to a list I had never utilized before-- Restricted. They called me soon afterward to ask why they could not see any pictures of my kids, which was the main reason they created Facebook accounts anyway (My other parent-friends and I keep lots of albums of our kids and our adventures).

Guys, I don't know shit about Facebook. I don't know how to restrict certain people from this or keep certain people from seeing that. I just know the Restricted box makes it where those people can only see stuff I post publicly, which is next to nothing. I've tried Googling this, but all of the answers pertain to the old Facebook layout, and I can't really find any answers.

How can I keep my ultra-religious in-laws from thinking I'm a barbarian? Help me, Facebook users!

(Also, I don't shroud my true self around my in-laws by any means. They know very well I'm not religious and which ideological beliefs I adhere to. However, there are some things better left unseen..)
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