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Coin Collectors Here?

My dad collects money. Old bills and coins of all kinds, from all sorts of countries, some hundreds of years old. Last year I got him a collection of authentic Chinese coins dating back a few thousand years, and he LOVED it.

I don't know the first thing about coin collecting, but I want to get him something unique, off-the-wall. I'm running on a budget of between $100-$200. He loves oddities, things with a story behind them, conversation pieces. I mean, one year I got him fossilized dinosaur poop and he still has it with his old antiques. He's an odd fellow. (He collects old swords, too, but those are beyond my budget this year, I think.)

Any coin collectors here that can give me a direction to go in? I was looking at old Egyptian coins for a while, some were in my budget, but...I don't know. Nothing really stood out.
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