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Byzantium [Nov. 16th, 2012|06:28 pm]


Have you heard of the tests on It's a marketing campaign for an upcoming TV show. The site itself is also kind of interesting: a series of personality and temperament quizzes and tests.

If you go to take them now, I should mention you don't need to connect to facebook or anything when it asks if you want to, and that I've taken it alright without allowing it to use my webcam in the appropriate portion, for those who'd rather not use it in those parts. There's also a portion that will ask you to draw a picture. I'd love a screencap to see the picture you drew if you feel comfortable sharing it.

If you've done these before, or after you finish if you do it now: What do you think is going on here with the final end of the tests? I was very surprised at first! Then I'm pretty sure I figured it out.

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