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Have you ever missed a day of work or school/class on account of the weather?

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No, this has never happened.
19 (17.8%)
Yes, but only in extreme weather conditions (blizzard, hurricane, earthquake etc.)
43 (40.2%)
Yes, it's happened a few times
39 (36.4%)
Yes, heavy rain is totally a valid reason not to go to work/class for me!
6 (5.6%)
I have never worked/attended school/had changing weather
0 (0.0%)

Would heavy rain/snow or intense heat effect your decision to go out socially?

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Yes, it often does
22 (20.6%)
Yes, sometimes
44 (41.1%)
Only if the weather is truly terrible
27 (25.2%)
No but I might use it as an excuse if I don't want to go out for other reasons
13 (12.1%)
No, it never stops me!
1 (0.9%)
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