Claire (spotsofcolour) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a dilemma, TQC. I got a new job about halfway through September - my old contract was coming to an end, and my company offers redeployment, which meant I got considered for this new job before it was advertised to people outside the company. There were three other 'at risk' people who interviewed for it as well as myself, and I got it.

I'd planned to stay here for a while before I started looking for other jobs, but one has come up that is based on a better bit of the campus (nearer home, more convenient, more central), and is the next level up on the pay grade. I think I've got a fair chance with it.

Should I apply? Or am I sort of morally bound to stay in this role for a bit longer? How long should I wait before looking at other jobs?

DK/DC: What would be your dream job?
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