plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

I work in a fairly posh boutique hotel. I do everything - reception, waitressing, bar work, you name it. 
On the weekends, a couple of teenagers come in to help out in the restaurant. One of them is the rudest, most up himself 18 year old you have ever come across, and takes great pleasure in patronising me and telling me what to do, and also being incredibly rude to the other 18 year old part-timer. He's incredibly posh and entitled, and I am sick of his attitude, especially as i'm senior in age and postion. 

How do I deal with him? 
I'm torn between putting him in his place, ignoring him (which is incredibly difficult as he seeks me out to tell me what to do) or being overly nice to him.

Dk/dc: Who's the worst person you've had to work with? How did you deal with them?
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