hearts and tarts (heartsandtarts) wrote in thequestionclub,
hearts and tarts

Tonight my fiance and I stopped to buy gas. He paid with his card, and after the transaction had been approved and his receipt was printing, the cashier inside says over the intercom, "PUMP 3, COME INSIDE!" He sounds angry and he says it a couple of times, so my fiance goes inside the store. I stay in the car. He hurries back to the car after a moment, and tells me to drive home. He said when he got inside he said "I'm pump 3," and then the person working there told him in a loud and angry voice to "go stand in the corner and wait!" My fiance asked why, and the cashier just repeated what he had said before, and my fiance was like "um no" and left, and the guys shouted after him to wait.

WHAT DID THEY WANT? He didn't do anything wrong and they wouldn't tell him what he deal was. This was sort of scary.
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