Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a tipping question, because those are SO original:

My cousin and I frequent a Mexican restaurant  They offer free chips and salsa. This is mostly what we are there to eat. We also order white cheese and bean dip as well as two sodas. The waiter/waitresses usually are less than happy with us because we're young so it's likely we'll tip shitty, we didn't order much so it's likely we'll tip shitty, or whatever. Every time we go, we get less than awesome service (glasses, chips, and salsa are all left empty for awhile before filled with waitress/waiter no where in sight). Our bill is always just about $11. Even though we get service we're not extremely happy with, we'll normally leave a $5 tip (mostly because we feel bad for taking up a table. I'd love to just go sit in the bar, but my cousin isn't 21 and in my state you have to be 21 to enter the bar area).

In your opinion, do you feel this $5 tip (on a $11 check) makes up for us taking up a table for ~45 minutes?

IDK/IDC: How often do you find yourself "using your manners"?

I think I do it a freakish amount. I will say "excuse me" to my cat. I make sure I always say please and thank you to everyone. I refer to most people are ma'am or sir or miss or gentleman. I think it comes from working in customer service since I was 15 (I'm 23 now).
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