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Hey there TQC!

If you remember, I had a phone interview yesterday. I went to look for the previous posts regarding the interview but searching is failing me. So hopefully you remember. Haha!

Well it looks like I did alright because I have a formal interview on Friday! I wanted to thank everyone who offered me advice and support. I'm not sure if update like posts are allowed but since you all were so awesome with your advice I wanted to at least give you the update.

And so I'm not being a total naughty kitteh, I'll end with a couple questions!

If you were at an interview, and they were to ask you what salary you were looking to get, how would you answer that?
This is an administrative/clerical position with full time hours.
Edit to add that I have four years of experience, at my old job, where I was doing the same thing, I made about $30k per year. But where I live now, they seem to enjoy underpaying as much as possible.

I have been trying to get myself into wearing makeup more often because I never do since I never go anywhere. Should I try something new and wear a little bit to the interview?

DK/DC? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so do you have it at your house or do you go elsewhere?
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