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You've been job-hunting for a while and you finally land an interview. It goes really well, and at the end you are offered the position. As you sit down to discuss details/compensation in more detail with your now future boss, they let some things slip. Which of these would be enough of a deal-breaker for you to turn down the position/walk out?

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Your boss is currently attending court-mandated anger management classes
21 (5.4%)
Employee bathroom toilet has been broken for over a month
31 (8.0%)
The person who previously held your position is currently suing the company for sexual harrassment
39 (10.1%)
You will be required to work 16 hour shifts at least 2-3 times a month
30 (7.7%)
Your boss is a militant vegan and refuses to allow employees to consume meat on the premises
20 (5.2%)
Your boss is a big believer in criminal rehabilitation and many of your coworkers are convicted felons
18 (4.6%)
Your boss is a Jehovahs Witness and regularly hands out literature to employees
28 (7.2%)
You will be required to work all major holidays but one
37 (9.5%)
Your boss is really politically active on behalf of a political party you dislike
15 (3.9%)
One of your coworkers is suspected of stealing from the company and you are expected to help your boss 'prove' it
45 (11.6%)
You are required to wear a really ugly uniform on the job
10 (2.6%)
Your new boss casually mentions that several employees have developed asthma since starting there
49 (12.6%)
There are monthly mandated 'team-building' retreats
18 (4.6%)
The pay of employees who are smokers will be docked
13 (3.4%)
You will have to work in what was formerly a broom closet for at least the first six months
14 (3.6%)
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