Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

Let's get controversial, TQC. Or not.

Based on a discussion at work:

Two people (married, long-term monogamous, whatever) have an affair. This affair ends quietly, with nobody outside the affair the wiser.

Do the people that cheated owe it to their original SOs to tell them about it? To work things out, or to give their loved ones the decision to leave?

Or is the guilt punishment enough, and they aren't owed the satisfaction of getting it off their chests? Do they not deserve to have it off their conscience, especially since things can (and probably will) get worse once the truth comes out?

In other words, to tell or not to tell?

DK/DC/TL;DR/Not touching that with a 10 foot pole: what time did you get up this morning?
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