emptysilentlife ( emptysilentlife) wrote in thequestionclub,

Validation post

Your SO gets off of work around midnight (the store closes at 11, but they have to finish closing after that) and they're coming home/your place (about 10 minutes away) straight away. At what time do you start getting worried when they aren't there and they haven't contacted you?

I was in this situation last weekend. Occasionally it'll take longer to close and he'll be out late, but by 1 I was starting to get worried so I texted him to see what was up and didn't get a response. At 1:30 I called and it rang until it went to voicemail. I was so stressed out at that point that I was about to drive there to make sure he was still there and not dead on the side of the road when he finally showed up at 1:45. He went out for a beer after work, apparently didn't check his phone and didn't understand why I was stressed out and upset.

So would you have been annoyed in this situation? Any similar situations of your own?
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