The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in thequestionclub,
The New Bubble Girl

TQC, could you validate me please?

My SO and I were at an outdoor event today, and he left before I did. He brought a grill and a chair, and he didn't feel like packing up the grill and chair and taking it with him. So he said, "Have one of the other people drop it off at my place". I couldn't take it because the grill was too big for my dad's car. So as I was leaving, I said to three different people, "make sure that the grill and the chair get back to my SO's place." They all said they'd make sure that it happened, and he just texted me going, "Where's my stuff?" and was really mad that I didn't know for sure what had happened. His stuff is not my responsibility, y/n?
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