dancing_zephyr (dancing_zephyr) wrote in thequestionclub,

Best way to clean paint off metal?

I've been working on re-painting some old dressers, and when I took the brass knobs off, I realized that they had paint on them, presumably from when the thing was originally made.  I've tried to use a paint remover (worked on removing paint off of my wood trim, but didn't seem to help much here), and I got a little desperate and tried Goo Gone, but that didn't work either.

On some of the outer edges of the knob, I can scrape the paint off with my fingernail, but the knobs are pretty intricate so there are nooks and crannies I can't get into that way and it's driving me crazy!

Any suggestions for ways to get this paint off?  Also, any good products for making the brass nice and shiny again?
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