Huanren (funnychina) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you like this story?

I translated a short story of China as a English practice. If you found any mistakes please tell me. The English grammar is really hard for me. Thank you.

            A weird love story

He and she fell in love with each other.
He can't match her, everyone said the same.
Appearance, talent, family background, wealth.......
All the things showed that he did not deserve her.
Their marriage was violently opposed by both of their families.
Finally, they decided to suicide for love.
They wished to become a pair of butterflies and to be together forever.
They died as planned.
People were so moved, they put the two bodies into a same grave.
Suddenly lightning struck on the grave.
With the grave being broken, a beautiful butterfly was flying out.
The ancient myth came true, people sighed with feeling.
But, there was only one  butterfly, where was the other one?
Then they found that an ugly grey moth was flying behind the butterfly.
Everyone knew that he was just the moth.
Even the death could not make them be well matched. 
He did not deserve her really.

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