I need a new groove (hajiomatic) wrote in thequestionclub,
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You see a man in a wheelchair and a puppy stranded in the middle of a busy highway. You only have the opportunity to save one. Whom do you save?

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the man in the wheelchair
37 (48.1%)
the puppy
14 (18.2%)
neither, i debate the topic too long and they both get hit
17 (22.1%)
i hate men
1 (1.3%)
i hate puppies
2 (2.6%)
is the puppy a pit bull?
0 (0.0%)
is that you in the wheelchair haji? lolololol
0 (0.0%)
not my job
5 (6.5%)
i'll take pictures and post them on Youtube
1 (1.3%)
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