The Observer (promeny) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Observer

Recently, I've noticed an odd thing about myself as I've progressed through life. I came to the realization that I've gotten simpler. I'm still a smart person, but I no longer think as metaphysically as I used to. As for my interests and activities, all that I can really say is that I like to write, drink coffee and tea, and create computer games (although I mostly just work on the pixel art). The list used to be longer, and I had much greater goals and aspirations; now, I only care about getting something published, somewhere. Maybe I never really was all that complex, but I just feel more dull now. It isn't a bad thing, though; a simple life is easier to be content with. Perhaps it is just sleep deprivation that is getting to me, though.

So, the question is this: do you think that people get more simple over time as they progress through life, at least in some respects? Life certainly doesn't get more simple, but I'm talking about individuals here. It just seems like people become less interesting as they get older; I'm not even trying to troll or be provocative here, because I'm including myself in this.
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