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Blog [Jun. 25th, 2016|09:27 pm]
The Question Club

Hi, I've been trying to find a hobby and thought I would try to do some blogging. I left Livejournal about 2 years ago and I want to come back and start getting back into the community. I was making Icons and thought I'll start that back up again, I was thinking of making all types of icons. No particular fandom or anything just bits and pieces of everything. Since I haven't been back in the game for so long my question is where should I start to making icons? Any websites for good stock photos? What kind of programs/websites that I should be looking into to start making Icons, adding texture, laying in fonts etc...? Thanks in advance!
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Talk space [Jun. 25th, 2016|08:10 pm]
The Question Club

Has anyone tried Talkspace (therapy app)? I'm sorta considering therapy but I hate talking about my feelings. Maybe text would be easier.
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Taco night fever [Jun. 25th, 2016|03:02 pm]
The Question Club

Poll #2047998 Taco fever

What is your preferred wrapping for a taco?

Hard corn tortilla
Soft corn tortilla
Flour tortilla
Whole wheat tortilla
Jalapeño /habanero infused tortilla
Specialty gluten free tortilla
Other in comments
Taco salad
Taco bowl
Dont taco with food in your mouth
Lettuce leaves
Taco ticky

A genuine taco is wrapped in a corn (either soft or hard) shell

True. Only corn tacos are tacos. The rest are burritos
False. You are a taco snob. Tacos are an idea. Not a hard and fast rule.
Damn taco elitist
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wah-taaah! [Jun. 25th, 2016|10:27 pm]
The Question Club

Any martial artists in the house? Any martial artists who teach? Any martial artists who teach children?

a/ What style(s) do you do or teach?
b/ Does you style/school do gradings/levels?

My school's just finished with kids gradings for this semester, and now I get two whole weeks without the little b- angels! :D

n/a / dkdc / idgaf: If you could choose between being feared/infamous, being respected but not altogether very famous or popular, or being beloved/famous, which one would you choose and why?
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Ticketmaster lawsuit [Jun. 24th, 2016|11:35 pm]
The Question Club


ticketmaster lawsuitCollapse )

So..did you get any ticket vouchers? If so, were you able to use them? I missed the first round of tickets..but then I was able to get them when they released more.

I had 12 in my account...so I got tickets to Way Back Point Fest (311, Candlebox, Eve 6, Stir and some others), Breaking Benjamin with disturbed, alter bridge, and Saint Asonia, and Blink 182 with A day to remember and The All American rejects.

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kitchen conundrum [Jun. 23rd, 2016|04:10 pm]
The Question Club

I'm going to be putting in some hours tomorrow cutting meat. I have a pair of kitchen shears that are horrendously uncomfortable that I need to cut through bones. Last time I tried wrapping a foam bandage around the handles where it was rubbing against my hand but it didn't really work. Any suggestions on modifying the sheets so I don't end up with blisters on my hands? I'm down for modifying my hands as well.

DK/DC: What's your favorite bird?

Edit: I'm cutting chicken necks and feet.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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She got stuck in the Barney [Jun. 22nd, 2016|09:39 pm]
The Question Club

Inspired by this amazing tale of a teen trapped by her own Barney head: have you ever inadvertently gotten stuck inside something and had to seek outside help to free yourself?

I managed to superglue my pinky to my palm once but I don't think that counts.
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Dash cam your world [Jun. 22nd, 2016|04:59 pm]
The Question Club

I saw that dash cams are cheaper nowadays so I'm thinking of getting dash cam for birthday/X-mas. Any tips on what features/brands to look out for?

Is there a rule/protocol to follow regarding accidents/events you're not involved in but got it on dash cam(s)? Wait around for the cops? Go ahead and upload video? 
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Because, let's face it, dihydrogen monoxide is kinda boring [Jun. 22nd, 2016|03:29 pm]
The Question Club

I just bought a couple of tumblers with infusers built in. Besides citrus fruits, what works well for infusing water? If you infuse water, any tips you'd like to share?

Have you ever used those bottles of drops for flavoring water?(Mio) Do they actually work with just a few drops or do you need to squirt a lot in?

I drink my water plain: What movie are you still looking forward to this summer?
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2016|04:14 pm]
The Question Club

Do you experience schadenfreude, TQC? That gleeful little feeling of "oh, it couldn't happen to a nicer person" when something bad happens to someone you don't like? Tell me tales of the people who have wronged you getting their comeuppance!

DK/DC; I'm marking exam scripts. I need music to play in the background while I do it. Recommendations?
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Honeymoon [Jun. 22nd, 2016|08:12 am]
The Question Club


We plan on hopping from NC to San Francisco and staying there for two weeks (including flights). We're staying there for maybe 5 days and then traveling down to Big Sur. We haven't decided if we want to travel north to the Redwoods National State Park or even to Yosemite--this might just be too out of the way or too much being on the road since we absolutely want to go to Big Sur and staying in San Francisco, so we might just keep it down to two spots for our honeymoon since we'll be there for only two weeks. I don't have a good grasp on what the logistics are going to be, so I'm open to anything at this point.

Do you guys have any suggestions for itinerary? Cool areas to visit? Any suggestions on the areas I mentioned? Where to find good deals on plane tickets? Car rental/transportation suggestions? Food? Entertainment? Touristy and non-touristy things are welcome.

We haven't made any concrete plans other than San Francisco and Big Sur, so I'm just looking for any suggestions all around.


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weird local/family superstitions [Jun. 21st, 2016|08:05 pm]
The Question Club

My mom has this superstition that you can't give a knife or other sharp object (razor, letter opener, etc.) as a gift or your relationship with the recipient will be severed soon after, and she insists on giving you a token amount of money (like a penny or a dollar) if you do give her something sharp or pointy. And she makes her kids do the same, even if it's just a thing like if I had an extra paring knife and my sister needed one so I just give her my spare and say keep it--Mom says my sister has to give me money in return.

My father had a lot of weird car-related superstitions, supposedly from the road rally culture, the main one being never buy a green car because they're bad luck/you'll get in a fatal crash.

Does your family have odd superstitions like these?
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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2016|06:12 pm]
The Question Club

people who shave their legs, what kind of razor do you use and/or what kind do you dislike?
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Throw that shade [Jun. 21st, 2016|01:26 pm]
The Question Club


how do you subtly throw shade at the parents of unruly children at a store/resturant/pool/train/museum etc???

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(no subject) [Jun. 21st, 2016|09:40 am]
The Question Club

Besides your significant other, is there anyone with whom you can discuss your sex life? Do you talk about sex with your co-workers?

I can and often do discuss my sex life with my boss. It started when she came to me with questions about sex after she had divorced and was back in the dating pool. So yes, I discuss my sex life at work.
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Can you tell the difference between a lie and the truth? [Jun. 20th, 2016|11:12 pm]
The Question Club

I once read that the subconscious cannot distinguish between a truth and a lie....no idea if that's real, too lazy to google...but what do you think? I've known beautiful people that think they're ugly, because someone told them so....and so on...Is this a reason some people have such low self-esteem?
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mmmm...bacon [Jun. 20th, 2016|10:03 pm]
The Question Club

What's your favorite sandwich?

Is it different from your easiest go-to sandwich?
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2016|06:36 pm]
The Question Club

What would you want to eat in a potluck at 9 AM that isn't the obvious donuts or bagels?
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2016|08:22 pm]
The Question Club

Should I be creeped out that my mom and my ex-boyfriend of 20 years ago are Facebook friends?

ETA::See further details in comments.
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2016|09:07 pm]
The Question Club

My husband and I and our 9 year old son are in Orlando starting today (Monday) until Friday afternoon. Our main goal was to see the Harry Potter World at Universal but after we visited today, we think we might get bored with that after another day or two. (We have a 3 day pass and hope to milk it for the whole three days but I'm not sure we'll make it past tomorrow)

We are at a hotel about 20 minutes walking distance from Universal, and we don't have a rental car so we are looking for other things to do that won't cost and arm and a leg to get to by cab. We looked up doing Disney for a day and it's just too expensive to be worth it.

Ideas? (looking for food recommendations near Universal, also--we hit Margaritaville for dinner, and IHOP for lunch because we couldn't find the place we were looking for). Thanks!
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