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Temperature controlled clothing [Dec. 4th, 2016|07:55 pm]
The Question Club
I get cold really easily, even if I'm wearing several layers of clothing, so in preparation for my upcoming student teaching, I want to buy some clothes that will keep me warm. I am always so cold inside buildings. I am looking for suggestions of some kind of thermal undershirt type garment for females that:

A. actually will keep me warm and not just add bulk
B. that I can wear professional clothes over (I would probably wear a long- or short-sleeved blouse over it and then a jacket or sweater over that) without it looking weird

TQC, do you know of any brands that would do the trick and where I could purchase them?
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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2016|09:52 pm]
The Question Club


I'm in hour 16 of my 24 hours shift and is dead silent. So...  have you heard a funny joke?
Any random thought that assaulted you today??

ETA: Thank you guys but it could have been easier to say Satan I summon you and the rest of the shift would have been less terrible.
Moral of the story don't you ever complain about the lack of people doing dumb things; they'll take it as a challenge.

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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2016|07:03 pm]
The Question Club

What scars do you have? Are they visible? Do they limit you?
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a rose by any other name [Dec. 4th, 2016|01:31 pm]
The Question Club

Could anyone reccomend some published or unpublished poets for me to check out, or any published poetry books? Thanks!
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2016|11:28 pm]
The Question Club

So one of my medications just melted inside the non opened bottle after a cross country flight inside my checked luggage.

Is this normal? Should I have known it would do this, even though it was inside a toiletry bag?

DK/DC: what's a book you've recently tried to read but couldn't make it through, even though it's been highly critically acclaimed? (Mine is H for Hawk.)
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Holiday Decorations [Dec. 3rd, 2016|04:16 pm]
The Question Club

Have you seen many homes decorated for more than one holiday at a time? My neighbors still have Halloween decorations up along with the Christmas decorations. I've seen Christmas wreaths still displayed at Easter. There are people that keep Christmas lights up all year.
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Me twice in one week! [Dec. 3rd, 2016|08:34 am]
The Question Club

Lucky you guys. HaHa. Just kidding.

I had the unfortunate mishap while driving this week that a semi kicked up a rock at my windsheild. There's a small chip about the size of a ballpoint pen tip. I'm looking into getting it fixed before it gets worse. I've seen online DIY repair kits for like $10, have any of you used one? Do you reccomend it? Or is it just easier to go through a company like Safelight? I hear you can go through insurance with that, is it even worth it?

Thoughts? Reccomendations?
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2016|12:22 pm]
The Question Club

Why don't the victims in the Saw movies pass out from all the pain?
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oh, drop it [Dec. 2nd, 2016|10:21 pm]
The Question Club

It seems that nowadays, musical artists "drop" albums, videos etc. Back when I was a youngster, artists "released" albums. When, exactly, did this change, and why? I'm not sure I quite grasp why the word drop means release [a recording].
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Family Issues [Dec. 2nd, 2016|03:48 pm]
The Question Club

[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Batman Returns]

My dad and I have always been very close, but we haven't spoken since the election and the revelation that even after everything , he voted for Trump. My sister is trying to get us to speak. He is not the man I thought he was. With everything that could go very,very bad because of Trump for many people, I honestly don't know how our relationship could be the same. I have 2 kids, so obviously they should see their grandfather, but I'm not sure how to deal with my father. So......

Have you ever had a falling out with a parent you were super close to?

Do you have advice on how I should proceed with my dad? 
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DIY painting advice? [Dec. 2nd, 2016|11:14 pm]
The Question Club

Hi TQCers,

When I turned 18 I finally (at long last) got rid of the baby wallpaper in my bedroom (featuring whimsical Australian animals with balloons) and repainted with something a bit more mature...
Details...Collapse )

So that's the background to my question, which is as follows:

Given that I have used a fairly dark textured paint on my walls, what's the easiest and best way to paint over it with a light colour, without sanding the walls right back to smooth? I want minimal fuss, minimal effort, maybe two coats of paint at most. I'm not looking for a smooth finish, the texture can stay if it's easier, but I do want an even cover (i.e. none of the old colour showing through).

Should I just use more suede-effects paint on top, applied thick with a brush? Or should I yuse a roller with a long nap? Or short? Synthetic or natural material? Or should I sponge or foam-brush the paint on, to make sure all the little valleys are filled?

DK/DC: Did you have a dream bedroom as a child? what did it look like? Do you have a dream bedroom today, and has it changed much from then?
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socks [Dec. 1st, 2016|01:46 pm]
The Question Club
If you had a friend who liked sniffing socks, would you let them sniff your socks?

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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C-H-I-C-K-E-N [Nov. 30th, 2016|09:42 pm]
The Question Club

Do you eat chicken?

If yes, what is your favorite sort of chicken dish?

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Grand Tour [Nov. 30th, 2016|08:06 pm]
The Question Club

Do you have Amazon Prime?
Do you watch The Grand Tour?
What else is good to stream from Amazon?
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Inspired by the previous post... [Nov. 30th, 2016|08:36 pm]
The Question Club

1. Were there any college courses you took that you felt like you should have loved but didn't? If so, what and why?

2. What are some classes that you wish you'd had the opportunity to take?
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2016|06:21 pm]
The Question Club


What was your favorite class in college?
Why did you like it?

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First World Complaints [Nov. 29th, 2016|07:51 pm]
The Question Club

What insignificant things do you hate? Not things like poverty, war and racism, but little things?

Mine in the comments.
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too late to prune [Nov. 29th, 2016|05:21 pm]
The Question Club

Is it too late for me to prune a maple tree? Salient points: 1. It has already dropped most of its leaves. 2. We have not had a hard freeze yet. 3. I like the tree and don't want to injure it.

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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2016|10:03 am]
The Question Club

I'm in my 30's and I'm going back to college. I'm going to try to fulfill my dream I've had since high school of getting my psychology degree (not sure of specialization yet, but I may also pursue that) and actually doing something with it.

I have to write an essay for my application. What should I write about? Serious and non-serious ideas welcome.
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hoisted by his own petard [Nov. 28th, 2016|08:49 pm]
The Question Club

So, it appears that Dylann Roof is planning to represent himself at trial. It seems likely that this could end less than favorably for him.

Why do people with very difficult criminal cases want to act as their own attorneys?
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